Pup need a polish? Bring them into our dog grooming center in Spring, TX!

Dog Bathing

Dog Styling

Dog Shampoo & Conditioning

Dog Haircuts

Dog Blow Dry

Dog Nail Clipping & Polishing

If your pup needs a bath or new hairdo, we are ready to beautify your best friend at our dog grooming center.

Dogs are playful little things and sometime playtime creates a need for bath time. When that happens – and we all know it’s quite often – our dog grooming center at Woodlands Doggie Village is ready to pretty up your pup.

We offer several dog grooming services that are perfect for dog. For starters, simply choose a dog bath or complete dog groom package. After that, you will be able to personalize your doggie’s pet salon experience by selecting add-on packages, premium shampoo & conditioner and/or our signature nails, paws, teeth & ears service. Pamper your pup in our specialized spa.

At Woodlands Doggie Village, our dog groomers will personally meet with you to discuss your dog’s specific needs and custom tailor a dog grooming service. Since there a multiple dog breeds, coat and fur conditions, and time needed to complete services, our grooming package prices are determined after your dog’s initial assessment.

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